The Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency (CAOE), led by Arizona State University, develops and applies advanced analytical tools and technologies to enhance planning, information sharing and real-time decision-making in homeland security operations.

The research at CAOE will help the Department of Homeland Security improve efficiency and security at our national borders, ports and airports through better prediction and response to emergencies.

Established as a Center of Excellence by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate.

Featured projects

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COVID-19 impacts on health, behavior, resilience and trade

The future economic effects of COVID-19 are highly uncertain. Early predictions showed COVID-19 may plunge the U.S. into an economic recession. However, current conditions make it difficult to predict the length and severity of the pandemic and identify any long-term economic repercussions.

Assessing threat landscapes through red teaming

The risk of chemical warfare (CW) has increased in recent years. The Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) has a need to identify state and non-state actors likely to pursue the development of CW as well determining the factors that identify the use of CW. These factors include the states overall strategic orientation to CW, the types of CW agents likely to be pursued and the other activities that would accompany CW development.

Overhead view of people going through a TSA checkpoint.

Improving airport checkpoint efficiency

The combination of current airport space constraints and limited Transportation Security Officers coupled with projected increases in air travelers and rising number of security threats will put more pressure on TSA staff and resources.

Protecting privacy with deep-learning tools

In the era of big data, the unprecedented speed and volume of data collection poses benefits as well as risks. The large amount of collected data contains critical information for daily homeland security operations as well as potential usage to enhance analytical capabilities for better decision-making.

Recent news and events

RFP for Minority Serving Institutions to join student design challenge

To ensure the Department of Homeland Security can continue to operate efficiently, it is imperative to maintain an active pipeline of new homeland security professionals. One of the most efficient ways to encourage college students to pursue careers within the homeland security enterprise is to expose them to real-world homeland security issues.

Seminar Series: Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETS) – Dr. Lorrie Cranor – Replay Available

The final seminar in this series will feature capstone speaker Dr. Lorrie Cranor. She will be discussing user-centric approaches to designing and evaluating privacy interfaces that better meet user needs and reduce the overwhelming number of privacy choices.

Seminar Series: Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETS) – Dr. Alisa Frik

The Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency (CAOE) invites you to our latest seminar series Privacy Enhancing Technologies – Challenges, Opportunities, and Advancements. The next seminar features Dr. Alisa Frik who will be discussing the challenging task of balancing privacy values with the benefits of information sharing.

Split-second decision-making. Wise allocation of scarce resources. Accurately predicting cascading consequences of natural and manmade disasters.

These are just some of the complex challenges our country’s homeland security workforce faces each day. The research, systems and technology developed at CAOE provide homeland security agencies with real-time information, predictive tools for resource and response planning, and systems that increase the odds of resolving security problems.

Improving Airport Checkpoints

Dynamic resource allocation for predicted demands at a network of screening facilities.

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