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Combining Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence for a Usable, Adaptable SBOM (CHIAUS)

The CHIAUS project aims to revolutionize risk communication in software development and consumption by integrating human-centered interactions with Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) data. Led by Principal Investigator L Jean Camp and her team at Indiana University, the project addresses the pressing need for actionable, understandable risk communication in the software ecosystem. The project seeks to empower developers and consumers with actionable, understandable risk information, thereby enhancing the resilience of the software supply chain and fostering trust in automated decision-making systems.


REVS focuses on two AI-enabled decision support systems: The CHIAUS project proposes to combine existing tools for identifying software dependencies with usability analyses to leverage SBOM data effectively. By integrating SBOM creation with development processes and providing multi-level software labels for consumers, the project seeks to enhance risk-aware decision-making throughout the software lifecycle. CHIAUS is creating a tool called a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) that lists all the parts used in software, making it easier for developers to spot any potential risks. In this way, developers and consumers would know what’s going into their programs to ensure they’re safe to use.


The integration of SBOMs with human-centered interactions will empower developers to make informed decisions during software creation and enable consumers to select more secure software products. By providing accurate, clear risk information, CHIAUS aims to enhance the resilience of the software supply chain and foster trust in automated decision-making systems.

Research Leadership Team 

Principal Investigator: L Jean Camp, Professor, Indiana University
Research Assistant: Peter Caven, Doctoral Candidate, Indiana University
Research Assistant: Xinyao Ma, Doctoral Candidate, Indiana University

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