CAOE strategic initiatives

Engaging directly with DHS component agencies, CAOE research creates real impacts to homeland security operations by developing solutions for more accurate threat assessment, improved predictions and mitigation strategies.

Screening for Threat Assessment and Resource Allocation

Screening for threat assessment and resource allocation

The broad landscape of threats from baggage and cargo screening, border crossing and illegal trafficking to cyber-security and infrastructure threats require new approaches such as teaming artificial intelligence with human decision making. Our researchers are developing novel methods to improve screening, threat assessment and resource allocations to improve homeland security operations.

Improving Predictions for Effective Decision-Making

Improving predictions for effective decision-making

Effectively predicting impacts of both man-made threats and natural threats requires complex models to capture real-time dynamic situations and determine the optimal policies and decisions. CAOE researchers are developing novel methods for high-performance analysis of real-time streaming data, for modeling and decision making to provide near real-time solutions so that DHS operations can rapidly respond to emerging situations.

Risk Detection and Mitigation

Risk detection and mitigation

A critical challenge for DHS is to analyze and manage the risks from adaptive adversaries who seek out our vulnerabilities and attempt to maximize damage to our nation. To meet this challenge, researchers at the CAOE are focused on adversarial risk analysis, developing methods and strategies to assess risks to the HSE through new game theoretic approaches, applied red-teaming, and artificial intelligence.

Past Projects