RFP for Minority Serving Institutions to join student design challenge

To ensure the Department of Homeland Security can continue to operate efficiently, it is imperative to maintain an active pipeline of new homeland security professionals. One of the most efficient ways to encourage college students to pursue careers within the homeland security enterprise is to expose them to real-world homeland security issues.

Science and Technology Directorate Feature Article

In late March, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a warning that critical U.S. infrastructure sectors might be at risk of cyberattacks by Russian actors. Threats against our critical infrastructure aren’t new—physical threats and natural disasters have challenged our critical infrastructure and their support systems time and time again.

Design challenge hackathon on critical infrastructure now open for student registration – February 25-27  

Countering Emerging Threats to Critical Infrastructure Registration is now open for the first multi-COE hackathon/design challenge led by CAOE. This event presents students with several real-world problem statements impacting homeland