Seminar Series: Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETS) – Dr. Steve Lu

Private Set Intersection – New constructions with applications to private linking and tracking

January 12, 2023

9 a.m./12 p,m. ET

Steve Lui

Dr. Steve Lu

CEO, Stealth Software Technologies

The Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency (CAOE) invites you to our latest seminar series Privacy Enhancing Technologies – Challenges, Opportunities, and Advancements. The next seminar features Dr. Steve Lu discussing Private Set Intersection – New constructions with applications to private linking and tracing.

About the Series

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) under development promise the ability to control the sharing and use of sensitive information while minimizing the risk of unauthorized use. These technologies have been under development by researchers for nearly four decades but have been slow to migrate from the research lab into operational use. In this seminar series, Privacy Enhancing Technologies – Challenges, Opportunities, and Advancements we invite luminaries from across the globe to discuss the state-of-the-art in privacy enhancing technologies describing challenges, opportunities, and advancements with respect to technology development and uptake.

About the Seminar

Private Set Intersection (PSI) is one of the most useful and well-studied instances of secure computation, with many variants and applications. This seminar presents new solutions to PSI including a weighted and streaming variant in which the output is the sum of the weights of identifiers in the intersection. This has applications to privacy-preserving contact tracing, and ways to privately and continually search for matches between siloed data sources (such as in guest registries, visitor lists, flight manifests, and more).

Our protocols make use of a recent cryptographic breakthrough known as Function Secret Sharing to aggregate numerical payloads associated with the intersection while minimizing interaction and computational overhead. This enables simple and concretely efficient protocols for PSI, especially in the setting where one dataset is much smaller than the other (such as in personal contacts vs all infected persons). This presentation is based on our recent scientific publication that was part of a DARPA-funded effort.

Dr. Steve Lu

Steve Lu is dedicated to ensuring the security of organizations’ confidential and private information by delivering innovative technology in the areas of Multiparty Computation, Encryption, Zero Knowledge, Distributed Consensus, and Authentication. An accomplished executive, Dr. Lu is the CEO of Stealth Software Technologies leading a world-class team delivering solutions that allows organizations to analyze and share encrypted data for business insights without revealing private and confidential information to anyone. He has also successfully secured funding for various security and cryptography projects from US Federal agencies including DARPA. In addition to his leadership, Steve is the recipient of several awards for his research papers in the area of cryptography and has works published in leading conferences and journals including the Journal of Cryptology. He earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics, specializing in Cryptography, from UCLA in 2009, and his MS in Computer Science, specializing in AI, from Stanford in 2002.

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