Seminar Series: Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETS) – Dr. Rafail Ostrovsky

Deriving Actionable Intelligence from Siloed Data

November 10, 2022

9 a.m./12 p.m. ET

Rafail Ostrovsky

Dr. Rafail Ostrovsky

Norman E. Friedmann Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, UCLA
Co-founder and Board Member of Stealth Software Technologies, Inc.

The Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency (CAOE) invites you to our latest seminar series Privacy Enhancing Technologies – Challenges, Opportunities, and Advancements. The first seminar will feature Dr. Rafail Ostrovsky on the topic “Deriving Actionable Intelligence from Siloed Data.”

About the Series

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) under development promise the ability to control the sharing and use of sensitive information while minimizing the risk of unauthorized use. These technologies have been under development by researchers for nearly four decades but have been slow to migrate from the research lab into operational use. In this seminar series, we invite luminaries from across the globe to discuss the state-of-the-art in privacy enhancing technologies describing challenges, opportunities, and advancements with respect to technology development and uptake.

About the Seminar

Organizations that collect and keep personal information for legitimate purposes are at risk if the personal information that they have collected leaks to unauthorized entities. By collecting personal information there is an implied responsibility for protecting the information within the boundaries of each relationship. Modern cryptographic tools allow organizations to keep sensitive information they collect in a more secure way without sacrificing usability of that information. The techniques allow information to be encrypted and distributed among several computer systems within an organization, so that even if one of the computers is lost, compromised or stolen, information does not leak to malicious insiders or external attackers. This minimizes the risk associated with collecting and computing on sensitive information.

In considering policy issues, (often competing) organizations sometimes have the need to analyze and search personally identifiable data across organizational boundaries. The need can be for statutory, functional, or for operational reasons. There are recognized risks and laws that discourage or forbid such exchanges and put organizations at risk in trusting that the parties they share this data with will not leak the exchanged data. Modern cryptographic techniques can provide a way for two or more organizations or departments to collaborate with each other to extract actionable information, without exchanging sensitive data. This is done through the advanced cryptographic techniques of “Secure Multi-Party Computation” and “Homomorphic Encryption” that allow greater exploitation (through collaboration) of sensitive data without additional risk, such non-compliance with regulations or litigation exposure.

In this talk, Dr. Ostrovsky will illustrate these and other cryptographic techniques and applications through several success stories. He will also discuss opportunities and challenges for adoption of advanced cryptographic techniques.

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