Process analysis in the Procurement Innovation Lab

Quantifying improvements in procurement processes
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Process analysis in the Procurement Innovation Lab

The Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) is a DHS initiative designed for experimenting with innovative techniques for increasing efficiency and implementing best practices in the procurement process. The PIL provides the DHS acquisition community with an innovative platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement and lower entry barriers to encourage new, non-traditional contractors to compete. DHS would like to quantify the success of the PIL and increase engagement by DHS acquisition personal with the PIL.


Working with the PIL, the CAOE is assisting with an internal DHS report to show how PIL has enhanced the acquisition process at DHS both quantitatively and qualitatively and make recommendations on how to further improve performance. This project is developing an objectively derived procurement performance metric structure that can be used to measure how well PIL is advancing the acquisition process at DHS. The project is also looking at identifying the culture/mindset on how and why procurement innovations meet with resistance and make recommendations on what improvements can be achieved to further improve the acquisition process.


Quantifying improvements in procurement processes

This project provides both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the cultural mindset surrounding the PIL. Allowing the PIL to better integrate innovations into its procurement systems and discover socio-technical interactions in procurement innovations.

The initial seven-week, onsite project provided DHS with multiple instruments and frameworks to better target improvements and better assess whether the new PIL processes are achieving the expected benefits. Due to the success of this project, it has been extended and expanded to a full year project to further increase innovation in DHS procurement culture.

Research Leadership Team

Principal Investigator: Thomas Kull, Arizona State University