Distinguished Seminar Series: Alark Joshi - Augmenting cognition through data visualization

January 7, 2020

As datasets get larger, it has become increasingly important to manage visual attention and augment cognition. 

This seminar hosted by the CAOE will present approaches to solving real-world problems in the fields of atmospheric physics, neurosurgery and mobile data visualization. These techniques provide temporal context to atmospheric physicists for improved hurricane exploration.

Dr. Joshi Alark's research focuses on developing and evaluating the ability of novel visualization techniques to communicate information for effective decision making and discovery.  His work has led to novel visualization techniques in fields as diverse as computational fluid dynamics, atmospheric physics, medical imaging and cell biology. 

We welcome you to attend and invite those from your departments who might be interested.

If you are unable to join us in person, a call-in number will be provided upon registration. To register for remote access, please RSVP to caoe@asu.edu by January 4, 2020 

Event Location