Narrative analysis of global media

Narrative analysis of global media
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In state-controlled media systems, such as in China and Russia, analyzing and understanding the narrative elements of the state-controlled news media help in revealing a broader understanding of national identities, the prevailing logic of the international system and what issues are of importance from the perspective of the state itself. News media is used as a vehicle of story construction with the population as the state attempts to reinforce and make coherent its positions on given events.


This project is researching and analyzing current activities on the Korean Peninsula to answer the following questions:

  • What narratives emerged in coverage related to the Korean Peninsula in Russian and Chinese news media?
  • Are structural or messaging variables different between narratives presented by Russian and Chinese news media? What insights do these differences provide?
  • What expectations of future behavior by international actors can cause potential shifts in the narrative by news media?


Analysis of global media to understand current impacts to national security interests

Looking at current foreign language news articles in Chinese and Russian, CAOE researchers analyze the emerging and shifting international narratives to anticipate possible changes in the social and political landscape that may impact homeland security.

Research Leadership Team

Principal Investigator:  Skye Cooley, Oklahoma State University